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This week’s CUpon Deal

September 29th 2011 by
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What’s the point of playing a game?Playing games with your family, friends, and neighbors can be a great way to relax while getting to know each other better. Most games, however, focus on facts, things you know, and things you probably don’t.But what if a game gave you a chance to share your opinion?That’s exactly what this week’s deal from http://CUponDeals.org/aspirefcu does. You get to express your personal views on things while hearing those around you.Get some early holiday shopping done – and treat yourself! Visit http://CUponDeals.org/aspirefcu to purchase your weekly deal!

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Miracle Jeans Day

September 22nd 2011 by
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On Wednesday, September 14, 2011, Aspire FCU participated in Miracle Jeans Day. Miracle Jeans Day is a fundraising and awareness initiative for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals that occurs every September.On this day, employees who made a donation wore jeans in lieu of their normal work attire. All funds that were raised went directly to a local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. We had a great turnout for this event and were very happy to have helped a great cause! If you are interested in donating to a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, please visit https://donations.childrensmiraclenetworkhospitals.org.

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College Resources on Facebook!

September 15th 2011 by
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Spend a majority of your day on Facebook? Make it worthwhile by visiting www.facebook.com/cuStudentLoans; you can get valuable information on student loans, career earning potential, rewarded for friend referrals ($50 per referred approval!), and much more! At www.facebook.com/cuStudentLoans, you can interact with a financial aid expert, learn how to prepare for college, and take advantage of helpful planning tools, like the ‘My Salary’ app., all in one convenient location! Frequently added resources can handle the tough questions about college, including funding, refinancing, and pre- and post-planning of educational years. If that last sentence struck a nerve, turn to Aspire; you’ll…

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Your life is about to get easier; we’ve launched Aspire Mobile!

September 8th 2011 by
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We’re pleased to present Aspire Mobile! Our testing stage has ended; we’ve gotten rid of the kinks and elimated the bugs, and we’re ready for our members to take advantage of this great service! Since we understand that not every member is alike, Aspire Mobile is available in three forms: Text Banking, Mobile Browser Banking, and iPhone/iPad Applications. So choose the one that’s best for you, or choose all three!*No matter where you are, as long as you have your smart phone in hand, you’ll be able to obtain account balances, view transaction history, and make transfers between accounts. You…

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Have More Money Without Changing Your Lifestyle

September 1st 2011 by
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Short of winning the lottery or landing a Wall Street-sized bonus, can you end up with more money every month (to save or to spend) without giving up the small luxuries that make life so much more enjoyable? Sure you can! It’ll take some time and effort, but there’s money to be found if you look for it. Shop around for services. Anything you use on a regular basis, pay for monthly, or even products/services that have more than one option to choose from – be sure to shop around. Things like home insurance, auto insurance, gym memberships, internet, cable, and cell phone bills all offer different rates, so make sure you research until you find the best deal. Look at what you’re using and what you’re not using. If you have a monthly gym membership but only go twice a month, would you be better off paying an entrance…

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