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Credit Card Pay-Off Calculator

Posted in Borrowing Money
May 25th 2012 by
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This helpful Credit Card Pay-Off Calculator, found on our Financial Resource Center, will help you to see what it will take to pay off your credit card balance, and what you can change to meet your repayment goals. Visit http://aspire.frc.finresourcecenter.com/Credit_Card_Payoff_89982.html to give it a shot! Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know about your experiences using the calculator.

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Clean Up Your Air with the Right Houseplants

May 17th 2012 by
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Clean air is essential to good health at home and in the workplace. One simple way to keep the air you breathe fresh and free of odors and chemicals is to keep a few houseplants around. They’ll clean the atmosphere and make your surroundings more pleasant and relaxing. Pick up some of these: English ivy – This climbing vine grows in hanging baskets and low planters, and it helps clear away formaldehyde. (Be aware that it requires regular misting, especially during the winter months.) Peace lily – A flowering plant, the peace lily will eradicate toxins like acetone, benzene, and…

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Get Out of Debt One Step at a Time

May 10th 2012 by
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Debt can feel like a load of bricks on your chest, slowly crushing you. You can’t throw it off in one big shove—you’ve got to dismantle it brick by brick. Take these steps to reduce your debt burden, and start breathing easily again: Figure out where you stand. Debt can seem overwhelming unless you cut it down to size. Make a list or spreadsheet of your creditors, and note how much you owe each one. You’ll find it easier to deal with smaller sums of money one at a time. Set some priorities. Identify which debts need to be paid off, or at least paid down, first. Pay attention to debts with the highest interest rate—they’ll cost you more in the long run if you delay taking care of them. Cut back on spending. Select one spending item, such as buying new clothes or eating in restaurants, and eliminate it…

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Help College Grads Find a Job

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The joy of a son or daughter’s graduation from college (no more tuition to pay!) can quickly turn to anxiety when your new grad doesn’t land his or her first job right away. The job market for recent graduates is tough these days, but that’s no reason for either you or your child to lose hope. Here’s how to give your son or daughter a gentle nudge and reclaim your empty nest: Set some ground rules. When your child moves home, agree on your expectations. You may want to discuss such issues as rent, chores, and general behavior, as well…

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Guest Blogger: Alexia Mavrakes, Marketing Manager

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Aspire’s marketing department is an exciting and busy place to work! As the Marketing Manager, I have the privilege of making sure that all member communications are timely, informative and useful for you, our members. From our quarterly member eNewsletter to monthly email blasts with financial tips to special campaigns and promotions, we work hard to ensure that you get the information you need when you need it. Here are just a few things that we’re currently working on for you, as well as some great campaigns that are coming soon. First and foremost, we’re gearing up for our Special…

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