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Steals on Wheels: July 18 to July 24, 2012 — Luxury Utility Vehicle Edition

July 18th 2012 by
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Sometimes, you’re shopping for a bargain; sometimes you want to drive something more luxurious. As your resource for researching new car pricing, trends, and forecasting, Aspire FCU and TrueCar are working to help new-car shoppers find a great buy on their perfect vehicle through Aspire’s Member Showroom at https://aspirefcu.truecar.com/main.html. This week, we’re focusing on great discounts available on luxury utility vehicles. Regardless of whether your preference for luxury comes in large or small packages, this week’s deals offer something for every luxury utility shopper’s needs, with potential savings ranging from 6.1% to 12.4%. Market average pricing on these new cars…

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A Checklist for Your Mid-Year Financial Checkup

July 13th 2012 by
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As summertime rolls around, thoughts turn to vacation, barbecues and the beach. To fully enjoy those moments, you want to be sure you’re in solid shape financially. It’s time for a mid-year financial checkup. With 2012 at its midpoint, the personal financial experts at the Financial Planning Association recommend a mid-year financial checkup. It’s a fast, simple and worthwhile process that can pay major dividends later in the form of a lower tax tab, a larger retirement nest egg and less debt, not to mention the peace of mind that comes with having a handle on your finances. Here’s a…

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IRS System Helps Students with Financial Application Process

July 6th 2012 by
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College-bound students and their parents typically want to make every dollar and every minute of the college experience count including money spent on tuition and time spent on the college financial aid application process. The Internal Revenue Service is helping minimize the time spent on the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form by automating access to federal tax returns with the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. This tool provides the opportunity for applicants to automatically transfer the required tax data onto the FAFSA form. Here are some tips on using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool: Benefits – The IRS Data Retrieval tool is an easy and secure way to access and transfer tax return information directly onto the FAFSA form, saving time and improving accuracy. Also, the increased accuracy reduces the likelihood of being selected for verification by the school’s financial aid office. Eligibility Criteria –…

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