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Buy or Lease?

Posted in Buying a Car
September 28th 2012 by
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Should you buy or lease your car? Use this calculator, courtesy of our Financial Resource Center, to find out! We calculate your monthly payments and your total net cost. By comparing these amounts, you can determine which is the better value for you. http://aspire.frc.finresourcecenter.com/Lease_vs_Buy_89980.html

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Weigh Pros and Cons Before Taking a Second Job

September 21st 2012 by
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If you want an extra job, consider trying your hand at another profession, one that enables you to garner new skills. By diversifying your professional skills you make yourself more attractive to employers and you also build personal confidence. You may also wish to find a job that offers secondary benefits, like the opportunity to make new friends or network. Be realistic about the time involved in a second job, and consider the impact it might have on family and pets. Think about any hobbies that you may have to forgo, and what else you may have to reshuffle in order to meet all of your obligations. If you think you need a second job, but have reservations, be sure to consider all options before making your decision. If you’re trying to pay off credit card debt, think about how you might accomplish this with the income you have now.…

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Tips for Saving Money and Energy at Home

September 14th 2012 by
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An energy-efficient home will keep your family comfortable while saving you money. Whether you take simple steps or make larger investments to make your home more efficient, you’ll see lower energy bills. Over time, those savings will typically pay for the cost of improvements and put money back in your pocket. Your home may also be more attractive to buyers when you sell. The 113 million residences in America today collectively use an estimated 22% of the country’s energy. Unfortunately, a lot of energy is wasted through leaky windows or ducts, old appliances, or inefficient heating and cooling systems. When…

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Smart Finances for Single Parents

September 7th 2012 by
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Having a good handle on household finances is vital for any family, but it’s especially important for single parents, whose children depend on them alone to provide a solid financial foundation and to plan for life’s what-ifs. Keeping your financial house in order as a single parent actually may be more straightforward than you think, as long as you stick to the basics and enlist an expert’s help along the way for more complex tasks like making a will or creating a household spending plan. The following suggestions, provided by the Financial Planning Association, the nation’s largest organization of personal finance experts, should serve as a good starting point: Make a will. Single parents absolutely must have a will, whether they’re wealthy or of more modest means, said Larry Luxenberg, a financial adviser with Lexington Avenue Capital Management in New City, N.Y. Among the things a will should do is…

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