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How to Pare Down Your Grocery List

September 13th 2013 by
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Recently, you haven’t been too happy with all of the money that you’re spending on groceries. In fact, the cost seems to be rather ridiculous, am I right?? Instead of continuing to spend all of that money every week, follow these tips to pare down your grocery list in terms of both size and cost. Use Your Fridge Do you find yourself purchasing entirely new ingredients every time you head to the store? At the end of the month, you may find that you end up with five containers of mayo, four bottles of barbecue sauce and way too much…

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Futures and Precious Metal Investing: A Roadmap to Effective Hedge Funds

September 6th 2013 by
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A hedge fund is a financial strategy aimed at forestalling losses from routine downturns like inflation. Put plainly, a hedge fund seeks to eliminate the possibility of crippling financial losses for an individual or corporation. Swaps, stocks, options and even exchange-traded funds are a way to indemnify one’s money against a harsh downturn. With the U.S. Federal Reserve printing more money, protection against inflation is almost a must-have these days, and any financial analyst can look at your assets and tell you if it’s for you. Here’s what you should know if you’re in need of some protection: Futures Contracts…

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