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Conserving Heat and Saving Money

November 29th 2013 by
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Heat and energy costs can skyrocket during the winter months, wreaking havoc with the family budget. Keep heating costs in line by conserving heat as much as possible when the weather turns cold. Consider these 10 tips for saving on heating costs this winter: 1. Cover windows with heavy curtains. Thick draperies or curtains will keep cold air from entering through cracks around the windows and will help hold heat inside. If there’s a sunny day, open your draperies to allow sunlight in, but then close them at night for better insulation. 2. Apply weather-stripping to doors and windows. Air…

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Planning a Budget with Your Kids

November 14th 2013 by
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Don’t forget to include your children when planning a family budget. When you work with them to make a comprehensive family plan that they can understand, you not only account more fully for all your expenses, but you also teach them valuable lessons that will set them on a path toward a sound financial future. What could be more priceless than that? Explain the Necessity of a Budget While examining the state of your retirement fund may be enough to convince you of the need for budgeting, your children will likely be motivated by very different goals. Encourage them to…

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Are Space Heaters Energy Efficient?

November 6th 2013 by
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As the weather cools down in many areas of the country, household heat becomes necessary for most families. Many consumers attempt to reduce the annual cost of running their home heating system by supplementing with space heaters. In other areas of the country where the ambient temperature never dips much below 55 degrees, space heaters are the main source of heat on chilly days. The most common space heaters are electric, so for the purposes of this article, we’ll concentrate on those. Do Space Heaters Save Money? The biggest factor in determining whether a space heater saves money is how…

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