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Six Student Loan Rights You Need to Know

December 27th 2013 by
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It’s no surprise that in recent years, more and more students are graduating college with thousands in student debt. In fact, between 2007 and 2012, student loan amounts increased 75 percent, according to a TransUnion study. But what recent grads may not know is that there are many options that can help take the burden off and help you repay federal student loans. Consider the following decisions: 1. Loan forgiveness. If you work in certain public service organizations, such as law enforcement, early childhood education, public health, the military, etc., you may qualify for loan forgiveness of your remaining loans,…

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Pretend Retirement

Posted in Retirement
December 12th 2013 by
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When the topic of retirement comes up, you may find yourself asking more questions than you have answers for. Will you have enough money when you retire? How much can you afford to invest? How will retirement affect your relationship with your spouse and your family? One solution that has recently started becoming more common is rehearsing your retirement. This can be a fun way to find the information you need without making any long-term commitments. In an article in The Wall Street Journal, Holly Kylen, a Pennsylvania financial advisor, recommends that clients who are questioning their retirement financial stability…

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Holiday Shopping Tips

December 6th 2013 by
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Holiday shopping season is well underway, and after that initial rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you might feel your momentum slowing down a little bit. Hopefully, these tips will help you finish up your list! Never Miss a Deal Organize your internet searches or email alerts based on stores you know you’ll shop in. Almost every store, whether online or in person, will be offering discounts this season. A little organization and planning will allow you to take full advantage of each sale, saving you money and a headache later on! Clarify with Pictures For relatives who…

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