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What Makes Buying A Car Easy?

Posted in Buying a Car
February 28th 2014 by
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Purchasing a car can be an intimidating experience. You have to worry about finding the best deal, getting good rates on your loan and haggling with salespeople. This process doesn’t have to be a headache. You can make it a fun, positive experience by doing your research before going to the dealership. This includes getting your financial plan solidified. First Things First: Call Aspire BEFORE Shopping Do you know what you can afford? By calling Aspire before heading to the dealership, you can get pre-approved so you know exactly what to look for. Speaking of looking, you also have access…

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Financial Tips for Single Parents

February 21st 2014 by
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For single parents, managing finances can carry significant stress, concern and worry. Stretching one income to provide for your family is important, and knowing how to do it effectively, without getting stressed out, is even more so. Here are some tips from financial experts to help you better manage your finances so you can devote more time to your children instead of your financial statement. There are plenty of challenges, including financial ones, that present themselves to single parents. Developing a balanced strategy to meet your family’s financial needs can significantly reduce the concerns that may arise in the future.…

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Advantages of Direct Deposit

February 12th 2014 by
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Today, convenience is a priority for most people. So, if you’re still receiving a paper paycheck from your employer, consider getting your paycheck directly deposited into your checking account electronically. It’s easy and hassle-free, but direct deposit has other advantages, too. Setup is a breeze. If you decide to switch to direct deposit, let your employer know. You will be asked to fill out a direct deposit form. Make sure you have your credit union account and routing numbers and a voided check from the account you want your paycheck to be deposited into. Most forms include a picture of…

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