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The “Make Your Money Matter” Story

May 16th 2014 by
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If you’re not a member, we certainly want you to join us at Aspire FCU. However, more than that, we hope you join the credit union movement. That’s why we appreciate sites like Make Your Money Matter. Make Your Money Matter lets you scroll through a story; the story of how banks will use your money vs. credit unions. They even have a tool that lets you select your bank and weekly deposit amount so they can show you how much your bank is making off of you: The site also has resources that let you find a credit union,…

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Q & A: Banking Without Many Branches

Posted in Aspire FAQs
May 13th 2014 by
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Why did you close most of your branches? In early 2013, we closed many of our small, underutilized branch offices. These offices were expensive to maintain and difficult to access. You were just not using them, so we closed them. We decided to focus our attention on the digital environment. You were already there, using PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones for virtually everything. We needed to be there, too. We realized that we needed to make some changes and embrace this technology as the future of banking. The branch closings were just the first step. We increased our call…

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‘Vishing’ Attacks Increase; Keep Your Information Safe!

Posted in Security/Scams
May 6th 2014 by
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Recently, a VoIP-based phishing company has been obtaining card information of up to 250 Americans per day. This group targets a specific bank or credit union for a few days and then moves on. “Vishing” is the nickname given to voice-over IP phishing. It works like this: people are tricked into giving up payment card information after receiving a phone or text message, supposedly coming from a trusted bank. The message will tell them that their card has been deactivated and asks them to call a number to reactivate their card. Once someone does this, they’ll be asked to give their full card number and PIN… and their information is now in the wrong hands. 5 Ways To Stay Safe This year has been riddled with online security breaches, hackers and fraudulent schemes. To come out unscathed, you’ll need to protect yourself: Do not give out your personal information unless…

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“Like to Win” Auto Loan Promotion!

May 2nd 2014 by
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We’ve been doing a lot on Facebook. Sharing financial tips, articles, info about our team members, creating helpful content and announcing cool promos are some of the things you’ll find there. But, we’re missing something… we want more fans to see all this stuff! This led to our idea for a “Like to Win” auto loan promotion. If you’re in the market for a new car, or if you’d like to refinance an auto loan you have with another financial institution, read on… “Like to Win” – What Is It, What Do I Have To Do We’re going to make…

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