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Exciting Enhancements Coming this Weekend!

January 28th 2015 by
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As of February 2, 2015, our new online banking technologies will allow us to offer you more enhanced services. On 2/2/15, you will have easy access to all Aspire accounts, credit cards, loans and mortgage information with one easy single sign-on. This new technology has also allowed us to improve our Mobile Banking (now w/bill pay!) and our Call24 Audio Banking (new menu). We’re also able to offer you the ability to transfer funds with our Bank-to-Bank transfer solution, making those funds transfers safe, easy and convenient. Throughout 2015 some of our NEW enhancements will include: New Finance Tool to…

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Money Management Tips By Age

January 22nd 2015 by
1 comment

Most financial advice you read can be applied to anyone regardless of age, but it’s typically up to you to prioritize that advice. For example, someone in their 20s may want to learn more about retirement planning, but it’s probably more beneficial for them to focus on establishing savings. To help you know what you should focus on, this post will cover financial pitfalls, goals and savings for different ages. Financial Pitfalls 20s: Getting a job after school isn’t always easy, so your bank account may be pretty low. Unfortunately, many 20-somethings turn to credit cards to maintain the lifestyle…

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8 Ways to Start Saving for Your Summer Vacation

January 20th 2015 by
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Now that the holiday season is over, these cold winter months start making us dream about summer. It’s good to start planning your summer vacation around this time. By preparing ahead, you can save up enough to enjoy your vacation without debt. Here’s how: 1. Write Down Your Goals First, write down your top choices for vacation destinations and when you’d like to go. From there, you can determine how much money you’ll need to save and how much time you have to accumulate it. 2. Set Up a Vacation Club Account A Vacation Club account is a specific savings…

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Get Financially Fit in 2015

January 15th 2015 by
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Earlier this week, I talked about financial willpower and how to improve yours for a more successful 2015. Some of you may be struggling with willpower in another area: your exercise goals. Studies indicate a relationship between a healthy lifestyle and healthy finances, so don’t give up. Make 2015 the year both physical fitness and financial fitness are the norm for you. Revisiting the Financial Willpower Muscle Just like any other muscle, your financial willpower muscle can get stronger. One of the ways you can do this is by improving other areas in your life… and this is where physical…

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Financial Willpower: Do You Have It?

January 13th 2015 by
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You make financial decisions every day. They might be simple, like how much you should spend on a meal, or they might be figuring out how to pay your bills. Managing your personal finances requires a certain degree of willpower. But how do you know you have enough? And how can you get more? The Muscle Analogy Willpower is often compared to a muscle: it can be strong, but it can also get tired. You can only exercise it for so long. For example, if you walk by a plate of cookies once, you might be able to avoid temptation.…

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