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Share Certificates FAQs

March 31st 2015 by
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Looking to save money and watch it grow? A share certificate may be right for you. Here are some common questions about share certificates: What is a share certificate? Share certificates are the credit union equivalent to Certificates of Deposit (CDs). How does it work? Share certificates come in different rates, terms and deposit amounts. Once you select the one you’re interested in, you simply deposit your money and let it mature. You cannot withdraw that money while it’s invested in the share certificate. What is the minimum opening balance? $500 is the minimum for opening a certificate. What’s the…

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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Finances

March 24th 2015 by
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It’s finally spring! We got another round of snow here in the Northeast last week, but everyone has high hopes that will be the last of it. The warmer weather inspires many people to begin spring cleaning. While giving your home a through cleaning is an excellent idea, don’t forget to add your finances to the list. 1. Make a Commitment to Get Rid of Holiday Bills Are you still paying off holiday gifts? If so, it’s time to tighten up your spending or find ways to earn extra money. Make an effort to save money in small ways, like…

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Scam Alert: Look Out for Emails from the “National Credit Union”

March 18th 2015 by
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The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) has been receiving reports on a phishing scam that’s trying to appear as coming from the NCUA. Emails are being sent to consumers from the “National Credit Union,” and the website uses a similar look and logo as the NCUA website. The fraudulent National Credit Union appears to originate in Australia. The email offers financial services and asks for a Social Security number, account number, login information, or sometimes a money transfer. Please note the NCUA does not conduct business or transactions in this manner. Do not submit your personal information to a website…

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10 Reasons You Should Use Online Banking

March 17th 2015 by
1 comment

More and more people are enjoying the convenience of online banking rather than going to a branch. If you haven’t started banking online, it’s probably because you need some compelling reasons to do so. Here are ten reasons to make the switch. 1. Your Information is More Secure Keeping printed receipts or statements puts you at risk. It doesn’t take a sophisticated identity thief to use information on these papers to access your accounts. Online financial institutions have encryption programs that make it incredibly difficult for hackers to access your information. 2. Online Financial Institutions Offer Higher Interest Rates Financial…

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Personal Finance Quiz

March 12th 2015 by
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How savvy are you when it comes to personal finance? Take our quiz and find out! It asks you questions about: Staying out of debt Auto loans Retirement accounts …and more! Personal Finance Quiz from Aspire FCU Didn’t do well on the quiz? Browse through our blog to brush up on the questions you’ve missed.

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