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Many Rewards Programs Changing To Dollars Spent

July 16th 2015 by
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Many airlines are moving to make their rewards programs more about how much money is spent, similar to how the Aspire MasterCard credit card rewards program works.  Mileage-based programs  are being left behind by major airlines this year. Mileage-based Programs Too Exclusive? Big airlines are looking to expand their loyal customer base.  There are the people who take a lot of flights for business, but  there are also those who take trips for leisure and pay for the more expensive options, like first class seats.  However, those who mainly travel for leisure tend to base airline choice by price since…

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Are Your Passwords Safe? – LastPass Data Breach

Posted in Security/Scams
July 14th 2015 by
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For those who want to manage all of their passwords under one master password, companies like LastPass provide the solution.  However, LastPass recently reported a data breach on June 12. The company stated that hackers stole email and password reminders and that suspicious activity was detected and blocked on their network.  While hackers did not steal users’ master passwords, they were able to obtain hashes – long strings of characters that are used by Last Pass to verify that a master password is correct when a user accesses the service. Hackers also stole password hints during the breach.  LastPass is…

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5 Steps to Cut Your Data Security Risks

Posted in Security/Scams
July 9th 2015 by
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It’s possible to do almost all your shopping and banking from wherever you happen to be with online and mobile devices. However, as recent events show, it’s always better to be proactive about protecting yourself when using this kind of technology. Hackers and scammers often target the same devices to steal from unsuspecting victims. But there are steps you can take to can help guard your personal information and hard-earned cash: 1. Protect your device Not shielding your smartphone, computer or tablet is like leaving your car open with the keys in the ignition. Lock out hackers by updating firewalls,…

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Don’t Let the Summer Drain Your Wallet

July 7th 2015 by
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Summer can bring a lot of extra expenses.  There are simple and easy things you can do that will help you save your money for these larger expenses. Work with your air conditioning The first (and possibly largest secret to saving money) is to turn your air conditioning off or thermostat up when you are not home.  If no one is going to be in your house all day, there is no reason to leave the air conditioner running as usual when you could simply open your windows to keep the house ventilated until you return home. Programmable thermostats make managing your…

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What To Do If Your Accounts Are Compromised

Posted in Security/Scams
July 2nd 2015 by
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Having reason to believe that your bank account or credit card has been compromised can be overwhelming and intimidating.  But don’t let the stress overtake your life. Use this guide to resolve the issue with as little anxiety as possible. When you first detect that a compromise may have occurred, make sure that it is actually true.  Do not accept everything you read.  It’s good practice to contact your bank first for confirmation. After confirming that there was a breach… 1. Find out what information was compromised and what assistance your bank and/or merchant is going to offer you.  You should also check…

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