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Understanding Your Paycheck

August 11th 2015 by
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If you have ever looked at your paycheck and did not know the meaning of each part of it, it’s time to learn.  Besides just knowing where your money is going and why, you could possibly be missing errors that have been occurring that you can now rectify. Basic Terms The first few terms to understand are: YTD, Pay, and Deductions: YTD = Year-To- Date – You will often see this in categories such as pay, deductions, and taxes. Pay = your gross pay – What you earned before taxes are taken out Deductions = Any benefits you share the…

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Do You Know About These Benefits?

August 6th 2015 by
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You may not be taking advantage of some great benefits we have for our members… All Members: Love My Credit Union Rewards Program Everyone is looking for ways to save money, and that’s just what Love My Credit Union Rewards is all about. We’re excited to offer you exclusive discounts and benefits on products and services you use every day. Credit union members have already saved over $1 billion with Love My Credit Union Rewards discounts. So along with lower loan rates and fewer fees, here’s another way you can save even more. Receive exclusive pricing on most new Chevrolet,…

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Remember: FAFSA Starts with “Free”

August 4th 2015 by
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With stories of data breaches and identity theft continuing to pop up, it’s important to look at another popular scam: college financial aid fraud. Students are at risk of having their personal information taken by criminals, or simply falling for a service they don’t need to shell out the big bucks for. FAFSA Facts FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. There are zero costs to apply – it only takes your time. There are also plenty of free resources to help you fill it out. Applications can (and should) be filled out at fafsa.gov. What To Watch Out…

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