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10 Facts About Credit Unions

Posted in Aspire FAQs
October 29th 2015 by
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Being a member of a credit union is a coup for your finances for many reasons. Here are just a few facts that make credit unions a great option. Fact #1: President Roosevelt signed the Federal Credit Union Act in 1934 to promote thriftiness and prevent usury during the Great Depression. Fact #2: Credit unions are insured. Most credit unions are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), which provides essentially the same coverage on funds as does the FDIC. If the word “federal” is in the name, they are insured. If not, check with your credit union. It…

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Fight Fraud! 6 Tips for Secure Shopping

Posted in Security/Scams
October 27th 2015 by
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With holiday shopping about to begin (or already started for some of you early birds!), it’s important to know what you can do to protect your debit/credit card information. While no one can be 100% protected from all types of fraud, there are steps you can take to be less at risk. Most of the precautions you can take don’t require any extra expenses or time. It’s really about turning basic tasks into habit. 1. Check Transactions Regularly Online banking makes monitoring your accounts easy. Make a point to log in every day and see where your money is going.…

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Prepare Now for the Holidays!

October 22nd 2015 by
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With fall here, the holidays are right around the corner. We’re taught from a young age that we shouldn’t procrastinate, and the holidays are no exception. Take some time to plan early in order to save the most money. Start Making Lists Write down everyone you need to buy for and jot down any ideas you have for them. For those you have no clue what to get, reach out and ask them to start sharing! You should also write down any special holiday events (parties, dinners, etc.) you’re expecting to attend. Create a Budget Once you know approximately how many…

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Don’t Fall for These 5 Budget Myths

October 20th 2015 by
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Probably one of the most consistent messages you’ll hear about managing your personal finances is that you need to have a budget. But there are a few myths swirling around about budgets, and maybe one of them is preventing you from budgeting properly. It’s time to quash them so you can get your finances on track! 1. You Need Specific Tools A budget doesn’t require expensive software, or even a computer. If you’re more comfortable, you can keep your budget on a pad of paper. All you need to do is figure out your monthly net income and your monthly…

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8 Ways to Save Money this Halloween

October 15th 2015 by
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Halloween is not usually thought of as an expensive holiday. It comes right after the much more expensive Back to School season, and before the most expensive holiday season. But Halloween can do some damage to your wallet. It’s estimated an average of $75 per person is spent on Halloween! If you have a large family, that can quickly add up. Here’s how to cut your costs this year. DIY Decorations Before you groan, you should seriously consider this one. Halloween is one holiday where you don’t need to worry about things looking pretty. It’s perfectly okay if things look…

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