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How To Pay Off A Loan Quickly

Posted in Borrowing Money
December 29th 2015 by
1 comment

If being debt-free is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you’re probably itching to figure out how to get rid of your debt ASAP. There isn’t a magic bullet, unless you hit the lottery or come into money some other way, but there are things you can do to speed things up. Figure Out Your New Minimum Payment(s) If you only pay the minimum the bank recommends, it’s going to take you a long time, probably many years, to pay off your debt. The minimum payment is mostly interest, so you’re not doing a lot to the overall balance. But instead…

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College Students: 7 Ways To Make (And Save) Money Over Break

Posted in Young Adults
December 22nd 2015 by
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Winter break is tough on a college student. Besides the expected expenses of the holidays, you’ll also be travelling back home and probably meeting up with friends and family to catch up. Grabbing a bite to eat a few times a week during break can easily add up… and you don’t want to put yourself in any more debt. Here’s how you can combat this expensive break. 1. Look for Paid Internships Companies know that college students are on break and can use the money (and experience) from temporary work. Look online, ask your family and friends, or just contact…

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7 Things to Do Now to Maximize Your Tax Refund

Posted in Taxes
December 17th 2015 by
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2015 is quickly coming to a close, but there are still some things you can do to help you get a bigger tax refund (or owe less, if that’s your case). 1. First, Make a Decision: Itemize or Not? Some of the tips below will only apply if you itemize your deductions. Figure out now if it’s worth it to itemize, or opt for the standard deduction ($6200 for individual, $12600 for married, filing jointly). 2. Make Energy-Efficient Home Improvements Have some extra cash to do some quick home improvements? Make it a green one! Certain energy-efficient home improvements may…

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Hosting Holiday Dinners on a Budget

December 15th 2015 by
0 comment

Going into the home stretch of the holiday season, your wallet is probably feeling a little stretched. Even if you’ve finished holiday shopping, there probably will be more expenses coming in the way of food and holiday gatherings. Stay on budget with these tips for a festive and frugal holiday party. 1. Go Simple, Think Presentation You don’t have to get fancy appetizers and drinks to make the party special. Instead, focus on presentation. For example, you can use small votive candle holders as individual serving cups for veggies. You can also break out the tablecloth for a more elegant…

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Can You Save Thousands of Dollars by Buying a New Car With a Loan Instead of Cash?

Posted in Buying a Car
December 10th 2015 by
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Americans aren’t bashful when it comes to borrowing money to buy a car. About 85% of buyers take out a loan to pay for their new ride, according to Experian Automotive. But suppose you have enough saved up to pay in cash — is that the smartest move? Or does financing the purchase with today’s low interest rates and investing your money in the stock market make more sense? To answer those questions, NerdWallet crunched the numbers for a hypothetical consumer: A buyer with enough savings to spend $25,000 on a F-150 XL pickup, which is part of the Ford F-Series,…

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