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7 Surprising Uses for Cinnamon

December 8th 2015 by
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There’s a good chance you’ll have some cinnamon left over from the holiday season. It’s a staple in many holiday recipes, but you don’t want the extras to go to waste when everything is done. Here are seven ways you can utilize cinnamon in your life. 1. Use it as a Grounding Technique The smell of cinnamon can actually help you stay focused and present. If you’re struggling with concentrating at work or school, carry some with you to smell and give your brain a kick. 2. Create Natural Moth Repellent A few cinnamon sticks combined with cloves and black…

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Year-End Financial Review

December 3rd 2015 by
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2015 is wrapping up. Between visiting friends and family, you need to make some time to review your finances and start planning for 2016. 1. Max out on your retirement accounts You can save money on your tax bill if you contribute the maximum amount on your retirement accounts. For IRAs, the maximum is $5,500,  ($6,500 if you’re older than 50).  For 2015, 401(k) accounts max out at $18,000 ($24,000 if over 50). 2. Boost your 401(k) Speaking of retirement, contact your HR department and set up more money to be put in your 401(k) in 2016. Just one percentage…

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ATM Fraud is on the Rise this Season

Posted in Security/Scams
December 1st 2015 by
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The holidays are a time of giving and being thankful for loved ones. Unfortunately, however, with the sweet comes the sour. The holidays also carry more risk of fraud – especially ATM skimming. ATM skimmers will attempt to get both your card number and PIN number when you use your ATM card at a terminal. In order to stay safe, you must always be vigilant even when you believe you’re in a safe location. These tips will help you stay safer this season: Protect Your PIN If there are people waiting to use the ATM, make sure you block the keypad…

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