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Whose Fault Is Fraud? The Complicated Reality Of Debit Card Transactions

Posted in Security/Scams
September 29th 2016 by
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When you use your debit card, you can see interaction among three parties: 1.) You tell a merchant you’d like to buy something. 2.) That merchant tells your credit union to pay money from your account. 3.) Your credit union asks you to authorize the transaction. If something goes wrong in that process, you assume it’s the fault of one of these three parties. In the modern financial world, though, nothing is simple. Here’s a look at three other places a financial transaction could go south and how to protect yourself. 1.) The point-of-sale system There are only a handful…

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Don’t Sleep On Your Savings: Avoiding Dormant Accounts

September 28th 2016 by
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The best things to do with a savings account is to forget about it and let it earn dividends. However, don’t forget about it so long that it becomes dormant. A dormant savings account is one with a low balance that has had no deposits in a while. While exact criteria varies in each state, generally accounts with less than $50 that have been inactive for more than 2 years are considered dormant. All dormant accounts cost financial institutions money; they’re required to keep records of the account and send statements. Often, those statements are returned due to incorrect addresses…

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How To Get By In An Emergency: Personal Loan Or Credit Card?

Posted in Borrowing Money
September 27th 2016 by
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Unexpected expenses, are by nature, unplanned … and costly. While it’s best to have a rainy-day fund, for many this is just a dream. If you’re unsure how you’d survive a financial emergency, you’re not alone. A survey found that 47% of Americans would borrow for a $400 emergency. As a credit union member, you have borrowing options. Two popular choices for emergency funding are personal loansand credit cards. Here are several pros and cons to each. 1.) Limits. Credit cards have credit limits in the thousands, enough to cover a small emergency. The value of credit cards is their…

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Analyzing Your Money Habits To Escape Debt

September 22nd 2016 by
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Upon analyzing your debt and coming up with a plan to decrease it, you’ll probably find that some of your money habits are costing you. Here are a few money habits that hurt more than help you and alternatives to those habits. Carrying Credit Card Balances Carrying a credit card balance is most likely one of the biggest culprits costing you money. Having a high interest on debt that you only make monthly payments on can cost you thousands of dollars in interest along with taking a very long time to pay off. Instead, use every bit of extra money that you can…

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Save More Money on Online Orders

September 21st 2016 by
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Online shopping is enjoyable for many reasons: you can avoid lines, no crowds, and it can even be done in your pajamas.  If you want to get the most out of your online purchases, here are some ways to get a discount. Utilize Live Chat Services Have you seen the chat boxes that pop up on some websites asking if you need help?  Open them and ask for savings.  You may have to search for a Live Chat option on the website but once you find it and reach a representative, express that you are searching many companies for the…

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