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Personal Loans: The Swiss Army Knife Of Personal Finance

Posted in Borrowing Money
October 27th 2016 by
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Sometimes life throws expensive surprises. To cover them, you’ll need to borrow. If you’re borrowing to finance one of these costly events, consider a personal loan. 1.) Weddings. When it’s time to get married, the wedding is on- there’s no waiting for funds! The average wedding costs over $30,000, too much for one credit card, and the interest would make it incredibly more expensive. A personal loan beats credit cards and financing; you’ll have both a better repayment plan and interest rate. You may even benefit further if you skip the deposit and offer to pay more of the total…

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Are Certified Pre-Owned Cars a Good Deal?

Posted in Buying a Car
October 26th 2016 by

You’re going car shopping, and you’ve decided you’re getting a used car. It makes sense: you don’t want to worry about depreciation just by driving off the lot, and there are plenty of like-new vehicles for sale. But you notice something as you’re shopping, and that’s the choice between a certified pre-owned vehicle, or one without that stamp of approval. Oftentimes the former comes with a bigger price tag, which makes you wonder if it’s worth it. Here are some things to consider to determine if it’s worth it for you. The Warranty Obviously the biggest pro the pre-certified car…

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Good Ideas, Bad For Credit: How Your Responsible Choices Can End Up Hurting Your Credit Score

October 25th 2016 by
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Q: I’ve had some trouble with credit in the past, but I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. I think I’m doing everything right, but my credit score still isn’t rising! What gives? A: Credit scores can affect you more than you know. Employers look at credit scores. Landlords look at credit scores. Bill providers look at credit scores, and they might decide to charge you if yours gets too low. With all this pressure, you’ve no doubt started working on some good habits for improving your credit score. You pay your bills on time, are sure to not…

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4 Tips for Paying Off Your Debt While Building Wealth

October 20th 2016 by
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Let’s face it: most of us have debt. The PEW Charitable Trust reports about 80% of us do, and, sadly, most of us also believe debt is a necessity. While certain debt may be a necessity, such as a mortgage, ALL debt should be considered temporary. And there is still plenty you can do to build your wealth. Think you need to make the big bucks for this to be true? You don’t! The American Consumer Council put together a short video with financial planner Kim Curtis on how to pay off debt while building wealth: Here’s what to do:…

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Single at Retirement: What You Should Know

Posted in Retirement
October 19th 2016 by
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Q: Most retirement advice is geared toward people “growing old together.” How do I plan for a fabulously single life after work? A: If you’re single at retirement, you won’t have several benefits: spousal Social Security benefits, life insurance payouts and equity, and preferential tax treatment for married couples. You’re not alone. The US census reports that 54% of men and 27% of women over age 65 are single, facing a more difficult retirement landscape than married couples. However, there are many retirement strategies that are easier for single people to execute. Here are three steps you can take to…

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