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Is Fall the Best Time To Buy a House?

Posted in Home Ownership
November 3rd 2016 by
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Sometimes it’s smarter to buy certain items according to the season, like sweaters near the end of  winter and swimsuits in late summer. But what’s the best season for buying a house? The answer: the fall. As temperatures cool and trees shed their leaves, enough factors break in the buyer’s favor to make it the No. 1 season for homebuying. Here’s why. LESS COMPETITION Many homebuyers are families who want to minimize a move’s effect on their kids’ schooling. They want them to start at a new school on the first day, not midyear. And so if their spring and summer searching didn’t work…

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Protecting Yourself From College Football Scams

November 2nd 2016 by
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Football season is upon us! Ticket scams are hitting college football fans hard and fast. It’s important to know how to get to that game without losing half your savings in the process. You can skip bootlegged merchandise at the game to avoid accidentally buying counterfeit goods. You can park in official places to avoid fake parking attendants. Those are easy scams to detect and dodge. Spotting phony tickets is harder. Almost all the phony ticket sales are made online, through sites like Craigslist or eBay. The seller writes a bit about how excited they were about using these tickets…

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Is Skip-a-Pay Right for You?

Posted in Borrowing Money
November 1st 2016 by

Many credit unions, Aspire included, offer members the option to skip their loan payments certain months of the year. December and January are two months this service is typically offered. As a one-time thing, it can be a great convenience. It’s when you do it multiple times that things can get a little muddled. While taking advantage of skip-a-pay offers may make things easier in the short-term, it’s not necessarily the right choice for long-term financial wellness. Here’s what you need to think about before skipping. You Could End Up Upside-down on Your Auto Loan If you owe more than your…

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