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Stay Safe From These AirBNB Scams

Posted in Security/Scams
January 4th 2017 by
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Going on vacation should mean truly experiencing a new location. That’s part of the appeal behind room-sharing sites like AirBNB, where anyone with a spare room can become a host. As a guest of a local, you’ll get a real sense of a location – and you’ll save money, too! However, the system is based on trust, which means crooks will try to exploit it. The Australian Better Business Bureau reported a six-fold increase in scams related to AirBNB in 2016. The service recently expanded its offerings, allowing users to book independently-run guided tours or experiences in addition to rooms.…

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Can You Afford Your Checking Account?

January 3rd 2017 by
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Free checking does exist. Free REWARDS Checking even exists. Yet so many people are paying to keep a checking account open. The problem is this: most people open an account and keep it to avoid the hassle of change – even if it’s good change. Most people also don’t know about free services such as ClickSWITCH that make switching your payments and direct deposit simple. The big banks aren’t looking out for their customers best interest. The Wells Fargo scandal is a good example of that. And unnecessary fees are just a piece of that puzzle. What Fees Are You…

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