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You Asked, We’re Answering: Your Questions about Shared Branching

Posted in Aspire FAQs
April 10th 2014 by
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Shared BranchingWe aspire to be a place you can trust. In order to do that, we need to be transparent. So, to accomplish that, our team compiled a list of your most common questions. We’ve broken them up into categories and we’ll be sharing them on the blog over the next couple months.

Today’s topic: shared branching.

Since you only have 2 branches, how can I bank with you?

We do only have two Aspire branches; however we have affiliations with over 5,000 credit union locations Nationwide where you can bank. You can find one hear you here. This is what’s known as shared branching.

We also have e-banking services such as our mobile app where you can deposit checks up to $10.000, with availability within two business days. Our e-deposit through home banking is also another option, you can deposit checks up to $3,000 at a time, and the first $1,000 is made available immediately.

Is Shared Branching Safe?

Yes, shared branching is safe. It is a sister credit union that participates in the shared branching network. It’s just as safe as doing your banking in an Aspire branch.

What can I do at a shared branch?

A Shared Branch can perform nearly every teller service:

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Transfer funds to another credit union account
  • Loan payments
  • Process Advances
  • Purchase cashier checks, money orders and traveler’s checks (where available and fees may apply; please check with the Shared Branch for pricing)

Are there any fees at a Shared Branch?

Most common transactions do not have an associated fee however, traveler’s checks, cashier checks and money orders may; members would be subject to the Shared Branches current fee schedule. Additional services, if offered, such as notary services may also have a fee.

Stay Tuned Next Week

We’ll cover the questions you have specifically about Aspire Federal Credit Union.

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