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How a Credit Union Can Help You Save Money

Posted in Aspire FAQs
May 23rd 2017 by
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With trust in big banks declining, more people are turning to credit unions as their financial institution of choice. And this means more people are learning how credit unions allow you to save more money.

Here are the big benefits making a difference:

No Minimum Balances

Many banks have checking accounts that require a minimum balance, especially if it’s a rewards checking account. However, the vast majority of credit unions don’t have this requirement – even for rewards checking. This means you’re not getting slapped with unnecessary fees for accessing your own money.

Lower Loan Rates

Chances are you’re going to find better rates at a credit union. The NCUA reported the average rate for a credit union auto loan was 2.67% APR, compared to 5.09% APR for banks. And credit union credit cards average around 11.62% APR compared to 12.65% APR at banks.

With a credit union, you’ll have more manageable monthly payments and pay less over the life of the loan.

Checking Rewards Without Requirements

No fees, minimum spending amounts or minimum balances to enjoy rewards checking. At Aspire FCU, you get rewarded just for using your debit card with ePower Plus Checking – one point for every $1 spent. To top it off, you can also access Purchase Rewards in online banking to score discounts on stores, restaurants and services you enjoy.

Partnerships = Discounts

Credit unions partner with other businesses to bring you even more benefits. Aspire FCU members can enjoy discounted tickets at Six Flags Great Adventure and Diggerland USA.

Our Goal is To Help YOU

Members are shareholders at credit unions. The more successful your credit union is, the more you’ll be able to reap the benefits.


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