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Take the Vacation You Deserve!

Posted in Borrowing Money
June 16th 2011 by
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Who said vacations require traveling far and paying an arm and a leg? Check out these fun (and virtually free!) ideas:

1. Consider yourself a tourist. Are there local attractions you don’t visit simply because they’re local? Be a tourist!
2. See what’s free. Google your local area and find out about any free concerts, classes or events. You’ll be surprised at what’s out there!
3. Enjoy the great outdoors. Playgrounds, parks and lakes can all be a lot of fun. Get up and go out in the early evening for some fun and relaxation.
4. Go to a local farm. You have to buy vegetables, so why not do the picking yourselves? Go with or without the kids!
5. Switch houses with a friend or relative in another town. Being in a different town, county or state for a week or two gives everyone a change of scenery and a chance to play tourist in a different city.
6. Go camping. In the backyard. In the basement. In the attic. In mom’s room. On the living room floor. Think outside of the box!

Have something in mind that’s not listed above? Get creative with the help of a Vacation Loan from Aspire FCU! Peaceful tropical getaways, scenic cross-country drives, or even short “staycations” close to home – they’re all possible. From 6/1/11 to 8/31/11, you can borrow $2,011 for a 12-month term. Plus, when you book your Vacation Loan, you’ll automatically be entered into our Vacation Getaway Sweepstakes!

Call 732-388-0477, Option 2 to speak with a Loan Consultant and apply today!

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