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Keeping Yourself One Step Ahead of Car Salesmen

Posted in Buying a Car
June 2nd 2015 by
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Don’t be fooled by car salesmen’s tricks any longer.  Avoid the anxiety that salesmen inevitably cause and get the deal you want, how you want it.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Wild

Avoid letting your emotions take the wheel when going for a test drive.  Car salesmen will first try to make you feel like you already own the car by telling you to adjust seats, mirrors, radio stations, etc. to appeal to your excitement.  Being aware of this tactic allows you to not let your excitement build too much.

Stay on the Negotiation Topic

Stay focused on the actual price of the car.  Salesmen will try to talk you into payment plans that are easier for you to relate to and will make you forget about the actual price, along with interest rates and the length of the loan.

Confidently look the salesmen in the eye and state that you are interested in negotiating the actual price of the vehicle, not payment options, to avoid falling into their trap.

Keep Your Guard Up

The finance office is the next step in trying to trick you into spending more money.  Many people let their guard down thinking that the deal is done once they shake hands with the salesmen.  The Finance Manager will make one last attempt to talk you into new payments and getting you into different packages.

Remember that it is a personal preference as to whether or not you want any of the packages.  Also, keep in mind that you are negotiating the price of the vehicle, not payments and packages.

Avoid Focus on Features

Instead of focusing on the car itself, the salesmen may try to win you over with what features can benefit you.  Instead of the salesmen giving you statistics on the car’s safety when asked, they may give you an explanation on safety features instead.

Remember why you went to the dealership: to buy a car, not features.  Focus on the long term benefits of the car and not the flashy features.

Helpful Tips…

When dealing with the salesmen, stay respectful and courteous.  If you’re only looking for information, visit the dealership on a weekday afternoon when you can get more personal attention.  Be sure to check your insurance rates and remember that you have the upper hand.  You have many buying options available to you; just be sure that you are informed and go to the dealership with a price in mind.

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