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Feeling Stuck In Your Car Loan? Might Be Time To Shop Around!

April 6th 2017 by
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Bills are a lot like bad weather. They’re going to come anyway, so you might as well not try to fix them, right? For some bills, that’s the case. For others, though, you can make a big difference in your monthly budget with a little legwork. One of the bills you can change is your car payment. Refinancing your auto loan can lead to a lower monthly payment, a shorter term, or both! It depends on a wide range of factors, including the value of your vehicle, how much you owe on your current loan, and your credit standing. If…

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Auto Loan Glossary: Know These Before You Go To the Dealership

Posted in Buying a Car
February 16th 2017 by
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Knowledge is power when it comes to car shopping. Read over these terms before you head to the lot: APR This is short for Annual Percentage Rate. It’s the percentage you have to pay each year for financing your vehicle. The APR you get for your loan depends on your individual creditworthiness. Balloon Payment A loan with a balloon payment will give you manageable monthly payments with one large payment, the balloon payment, at the end of the loan. Black Book This refers to information about a vehicle based on data from wholesale car auctions. Blue Book Blue Book is…

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Are Certified Pre-Owned Cars a Good Deal?

Posted in Buying a Car
October 26th 2016 by
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You’re going car shopping, and you’ve decided you’re getting a used car. It makes sense: you don’t want to worry about depreciation just by driving off the lot, and there are plenty of like-new vehicles for sale. But you notice something as you’re shopping, and that’s the choice between a certified pre-owned vehicle, or one without that stamp of approval. Oftentimes the former comes with a bigger price tag, which makes you wonder if it’s worth it. Here are some things to consider to determine if it’s worth it for you. The Warranty Obviously the biggest pro the pre-certified car…

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Don’t Let the Car Dealership Trap You

Posted in Buying a Car
July 12th 2016 by

If you’re purchasing a new car, be prepared for aggressive, expensive tactics used by auto dealerships.  Equip yourself with some useful tips and keep your money in your pocket. Caution with Interactions You need to keep your guard up at all times.  Every person you deal with is looking to profit off of you, even if they say they do not receive a commission off of your purchase.  Be especially cautious of the finance office, which may even be designed to make you relax and feel more comfortable. Know Your Credit Score Knowing your credit score is a good general rule of thumb,…

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The Cost of Driving

Posted in Buying a Car
June 16th 2016 by
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With the official start of summer coming up, AAA recently reported the cost of driving has hit a six-year low due to falling gas prices.  However, you may be paying more by summer. 2016 Driving Costs The 2016 Your Driving Costs study found the annual cost of driving for average sedans stands at $8,558, or 57 cents/mile.  The quickly decreasing gas prices have made up for factors that have increased driving expenses, including maintenance and insurance.  For specific vehicle types, here are some price points according to MoneyTalksNews: $6,579/year for small sedans $8,604/year for medium sedans $10,492/year for large sedans $10,255/year for SUVs $9,262/year…

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