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My Car Buying Experience

Posted in Buying a Car
April 28th 2011 by
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I recently had the opportunity to purchase a new car. This is only the third new car that I purchased in the past 11 years (and this time it was my son’s car). The purchase process for the first two cars, a 2000 Dodge Intrepid (still alive at 155,000+ miles) and a 2003 Ford Windstar (died last year of Transmission Failure at 95,000) was very straight forward and not all that painfull. Back then I used CarsDirect.com, a car buying website, for both purchases. The beauty of CarsDirect was that they gave me a highly competitive final price for the car right there on their site, before I ever stepped into a dealer. In fact, the only time I visited the dealer for each of these purchases was when I went to pick up the car. The other feature that I liked was that each time I went back to…

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