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Don’t Miss Out on Free Stuff and Great Bargains!

October 5th 2012 by
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Are you taking advantage of offers for discounts or free merchandise? Many people are watching their spending these days, and your dollar will go a lot farther if you can get more for less money. Ask for Samples A surprising number of companies will send free samples or coupons just for the asking. You can contact most companies through their websites, or write to them using addresses on their packages. Some store websites include current coupons, so look for your local market online and see what’s available. Also, check sites that offer free coupons or samples for a variety of products. Note that on some of these sites you may be asked to “register” by providing an email address or other information; keep this in mind if you don’t want to receive a string of email advertisements in the future. Remember, also, that you should never provide your credit card…

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Tips for Saving Money and Energy at Home

September 14th 2012 by
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An energy-efficient home will keep your family comfortable while saving you money. Whether you take simple steps or make larger investments to make your home more efficient, you’ll see lower energy bills. Over time, those savings will typically pay for the cost of improvements and put money back in your pocket. Your home may also be more attractive to buyers when you sell. The 113 million residences in America today collectively use an estimated 22% of the country’s energy. Unfortunately, a lot of energy is wasted through leaky windows or ducts, old appliances, or inefficient heating and cooling systems. When…

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Smart Finances for Single Parents

September 7th 2012 by
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Having a good handle on household finances is vital for any family, but it’s especially important for single parents, whose children depend on them alone to provide a solid financial foundation and to plan for life’s what-ifs. Keeping your financial house in order as a single parent actually may be more straightforward than you think, as long as you stick to the basics and enlist an expert’s help along the way for more complex tasks like making a will or creating a household spending plan. The following suggestions, provided by the Financial Planning Association, the nation’s largest organization of personal finance experts, should serve as a good starting point: Make a will. Single parents absolutely must have a will, whether they’re wealthy or of more modest means, said Larry Luxenberg, a financial adviser with Lexington Avenue Capital Management in New City, N.Y. Among the things a will should do is…

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A Checklist for Your Mid-Year Financial Checkup

July 13th 2012 by
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As summertime rolls around, thoughts turn to vacation, barbecues and the beach. To fully enjoy those moments, you want to be sure you’re in solid shape financially. It’s time for a mid-year financial checkup. With 2012 at its midpoint, the personal financial experts at the Financial Planning Association recommend a mid-year financial checkup. It’s a fast, simple and worthwhile process that can pay major dividends later in the form of a lower tax tab, a larger retirement nest egg and less debt, not to mention the peace of mind that comes with having a handle on your finances. Here’s a…

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