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Time Is Money: Teaching Your Kids To Value Their Time

Posted in Jobs
January 17th 2017 by
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An alarming Glassdoor survey found that more than half of Americans don’t negotiate their salaries. That means most people will continue working for the same pay, even as their value to the workplace and their experience increases. How can you teach your kids to not be afraid of asking for a raise? Hopefully, your kids are ready and willing to work hard for their pay when they grow up. But do they also know that time is money? The Lemonade Lesson Suppose one lazy summer day, your kids decide to earn cash by holding a yard sale on your front…

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Is Your Salary Higher than Those of Historical Figures?

Posted in Jobs
August 10th 2016 by
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Have you ever wondered how much money historical figures would be making today compared to how much you make?  Some of these numbers may impress you! A U.K. jobs site, Adzuna, researched salaries of famous scientists and then figured out what the 2016 equivalent might be.  Albert Einstein came out on top as the highest paid scientist as shown in the list below.  Einstein had suggested a $3,000 salary however, but his employer (Princeton University) did not want other scholars to be paid more than him. Here are the scientists that Adzuna found a salary for along with a speculated 2016 equivalent, as well as what the…

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The Numbers Behind U.S. Jobs

Posted in Jobs
June 28th 2016 by
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There are some jobs flourishing better than others in today’s ever-changing economy.  It’s great for waiters, bartenders and nurses, but what about everyone else? It seems that the economy continues to produce more jobs in large numbers each month and long-term unemployment numbers appear to be decreasing.  However, things still don’t feel like they are that good. Where Job Growth is Happening The economy has produced 12.4 million jobs since March 2011 in many areas: 2.2 million in leisure and hospitality 1.8 million in accommodation and food services 2.6 million in education and health services 2.1 million in health care and social…

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Watch Out For Job Scams

May 10th 2016 by
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If you’re looking for a job, be aware of scams that may make you believe you are applying to a legitimate company when you are not. Scams aren’t always obvious and easy to avoid, and the best way to protect yourself is by keeping up with the latest techniques that scammers are using. The Work-From-Home Offer FlexJobs, a subscriber-based online job search service, conducted a survey that revealed that of 2,600 job seekers, 1 in 5 respondents had fallen victim to a job scam at least once. CEO and founder of the company, Sara Sutton Fell, said for every legitimate work-from-home job,…

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