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How Not To Bust Your Holiday Budget

December 14th 2016 by
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According a T. Rowe Price survey, more than 50% of parents will aim to get everything on their kids’ wish lists this year. Many of these parents will be paying for these gifts for months, or even years, afterward. There’s a better way, and it’s simple: create a budget, and make informed decisions about your spending before you hit the shops. Short-term effects Tipping your budget just a bit every once in a while isn’t a disaster. But the spending hangover many parents face after holiday shopping is too large to be easily forgotten. Over half the parents surveyed will…

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How to Budget When You Have Seasonal Income

December 7th 2016 by
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Rewarding careers don’t always come with a steady paycheck. For people who work in agriculture, construction, tax preparation, entertainment, landscaping or other types of freelance and seasonal businesses, income may vary wildly depending on the time of year. This uneven cash flow makes budgeting especially challenging, but it’s by no means impossible. Here’s how to budget for long-term financial stability when your income changes with the seasons. Determine your average monthly income With most traditional budget plans, you start by determining your monthly income. But how can you complete this first step if your income keeps changing? The most effective…

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What To Think About Before Bidding In an Online Auction

November 30th 2016 by
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Sometimes that perfect gift or treat for yourself isn’t easily found in typical retail stores. The Internet has made it much easier to obtain what we need or want, but that doesn’t mean the process IS easy. Online auctions are a great way to get collectibles and unique items, but prepare yourself before throwing your bid in. Set Your Budget Bidding can be fun, and competitive. In the heat of the competition, it can get easier to overlook how much you’re spending on something. Set a top limit before you even start bidding. Check Shipping Fees Your desired item may be…

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Finance for Couples: How Do You Achieve a Healthy Balance?

November 23rd 2016 by
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It’s no secret that finances are the ruin of many relationships. It’s a complicated subject for many couples, and it only gets more chaotic over time. Combining assets, discussing each other’s debts, figuring out how much to save and determining who is responsible for what are some of the issues you’ll need to work through. While money talks will probably always be serious, they don’t need to negative (and definitely should not be emotional). Here are some suggestions for navigating finances successfully together: Start a Joint Account For any shared expenses you have, it’s helpful to have a joint account…

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How to Resist “Spending Temptation”

November 17th 2016 by
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The hardest part about having a budget is sticking to it. But usually it’s not emergencies that bring you down – it’s your own willpower. Telling yourself the sale is too good to ignore or you deserve to treat yourself can make it easy for you to spend money you don’t have. It’s time you arm yourself with ways to combat the temptation to spend money you don’t really want to be spending. Ask Yourself: “Do I Need This?” Possibly the easiest tactic to employ is just talking yourself out of buying something you don’t need. If whatever you want…

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