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Analyzing Your Money Habits To Escape Debt

September 22nd 2016 by
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Upon analyzing your debt and coming up with a plan to decrease it, you’ll probably find that some of your money habits are costing you. Here are a few money habits that hurt more than help you and alternatives to those habits. Carrying Credit Card Balances Carrying a credit card balance is most likely one of the biggest culprits costing you money. Having a high interest on debt that you only make monthly payments on can cost you thousands of dollars in interest along with taking a very long time to pay off. Instead, use every bit of extra money that you can…

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Save More Money on Online Orders

September 21st 2016 by
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Online shopping is enjoyable for many reasons: you can avoid lines, no crowds, and it can even be done in your pajamas.  If you want to get the most out of your online purchases, here are some ways to get a discount. Utilize Live Chat Services Have you seen the chat boxes that pop up on some websites asking if you need help?  Open them and ask for savings.  You may have to search for a Live Chat option on the website but once you find it and reach a representative, express that you are searching many companies for the…

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5 Common Financial Mistakes

September 15th 2016 by
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Somewhere along the line, we all have made poor decisions with our finances.  Whether they’re big or little mistakes, they can be frustrating and take some time to bounce back from. You may not even be aware you’re making a mistake until it’s actually impacting you, so here’s a list of common ones to look out for. 1. Trying to Live Someone Else’s Life It seems that everyone is in competition with each other, so it’s no surprise that mistakes often begin when trying to keep up with friends or family.  Wealth and status matter to many, but trying to match lifestyle…

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Don’t Fall Victim to Impulse Buying

September 14th 2016 by
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Going shopping for what you need can often turn into buying what you want.  If your financial stability is not in line, impulse shopping can have detrimental effects on your finances.  Learn how to avoid impulse buying in order to lead you to better financial wellness. Stick to the List Make a list of what you are going to buy from the store and don’t buy anything that isn’t on the list.  A major reason for impulse buying is stress, so if you can, avoid going to the store when your stress levels are elevated (or, more elevated than normal). Rely…

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Adopt a Mindset That Will Help Your Money Grow

September 8th 2016 by
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Living a life of wealth and happiness does not happen overnight.  You need time, patience and a knack for making good money decisions.  See what you can do to gain comfortable financial independence in your life. Plant and Wait To get the most out of life, most people advise you to live life to fullest each day. What they don’t talk about is how you should invest like you will live forever in order to gain the most money over time.  Think of money like a plant: you need to make sure it’s planted properly and tend to it from time to…

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