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Safety First: Preparing For Hurricane Season

Posted in Security/Scams
May 16th 2017 by
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Living close to the ocean is usually a wonderful thing. The views are breathtaking and recreation opportunities are never far away. But there’s a danger associated with coastal living: hurricanes. Statistics show that 97% of hurricanes in the Atlantic occur between June 1 and Oct. 15. This is according to researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In the Pacific, that date range runs from May 15 to Nov. 30. Like it or not, hurricane season will soon be upon us! There’s nothing you can do to stop them from coming, but you can take steps to minimize…

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Inheritance Scams are Evolving – Know What To Look For!

Posted in Security/Scams
May 11th 2017 by

Who doesn’t dream of becoming an instant millionaire? You might even have some detailed plans for how you’d spend an unexpected windfall if it were to happen. Imagine if a distant relative who’d been rolling in the stuff suddenly passed on and left you as their sole heir. Your dreams could now become a reality! Wouldn’t you do anything to make that happen? That’s what some underhanded scammers are counting on. Inheritance fraud has been around for a while, but scammers have recently made their ploy even more convincing. If you’ve been targeted, you’ll receive a long-winded email from a…

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Charging Your Phone In Public? Watch That Port!

Posted in Security/Scams
May 2nd 2017 by
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Smartphones have become a ubiquitous part of our lives. Even if it’s just there in case of emergencies, having a charged cellphone can provide a serious sense of security. That’s why, when the battery meter starts to tick down, a cold sense of panic rises in your stomach. Many public places have begun to adapt to this change, and provide USB ports in addition to electrical outlets. Rather than jockeying with laptop users and carrying bulky outlet converters, smartphone owners can plug directly into the wall. Sadly, this wonderful public good has become a playground for thieves. Scammers have hooked…

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Watch Out for Check Scams

Posted in Security/Scams
April 13th 2017 by
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The NCUA has noted an increase in check scams. These scams come in a variety of forms, but the most common ones are: From someone purchasing something online  – In this scenario, you receive a check for more than what you’re selling for, and instructed to send the extra to some third party, usually because the buyer owes that person money. It’s a convoluted story, but many sellers get trapped in it. Work from home opportunities – A fake job posting sends you an advance and asks that you deposit a portion of it a specific account. Advance on sweepstakes…

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Federal Reserve Reports Increase in Scams

Posted in Security/Scams
April 11th 2017 by
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Criminals masquerading as employees of the Federal Reserve are scamming consumers, often getting money and account information out of their victims. Here’s what you need to know. Scam Details Victims are contacted about a federal grant they have access to. The fraudsters will tell them that an application fee will start the process of releasing the grant funds. Victims are instructed to pay the fee via wire transfer, GreenDot Moneypack cards, or gift cards (usually Amazon or Apple), and typically over $200. They’re also told to give their account information so the funds can be direct deposited once the application…

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