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How To Respond To ‘Can You Hear Me?’

Posted in Security/Scams
February 22nd 2017 by
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“Can you hear me now?” is the once-popular tagline of Verizon commercials, but it’s also the headline of a new scam. Scammers making robocalls will ask some innocuous question. Once the targeted person says “yes,” a recording is made of the response and it is used to sign up the target for unwanted, expensive services. It’s a scheme that’s been targeted at businesses before, but it has now shifted targeting to individual consumers across the country. Scheme variants Robocallers have gotten increasingly sophisticated over the years. They’re doing everything in their power to mimic real sales calls. A pleasant-sounding voice…

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Beware Unsolicited Help: Trouble With Tech Support Scams

Posted in Security/Scams
February 8th 2017 by
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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” wrote noted science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke. Our computer technology is certainly advanced enough that, to many, it looks like magic. As a result, the kind of wizardry that those with technical savvy can perform can be simply baffling. That confusion is exactly what some scammers have come to rely on for making their money. The Federal Trade Commission is warning about a range of scams featuring phony tech support. From fake phone numbers to malware-loaded scanning software, these schemes all have one goal: compromise your technology to steal personal information…

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Beware of Email and Phone Tax Scams

January 31st 2017 by
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Every year, millions of people fall victim to tax scams – don’t be one of them. While there is no way anyone can be 100% safe, being proactive and knowledgeable about what to look out for can greatly reduce your risk. Typical Tax Scams It’s a red flag if you experience the following: Someone says they’re from the IRS or State and would like to help you with filing your taxes, requesting your personal information. You get an email about a tax refund or bill, often threatening if immediate action is not taken. Criminals have come a long way with…

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Apple Pay, Tokenization And Security: How To Stay Safe With The Wallet Of The Future

January 26th 2017 by
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The Apple company has always been innovative, and they’re now capitalizing on new technology with their own payment system: Apple Pay. Apple Pay takes advantage of two developments in payment infrastructure to save you time: near-field communication (NFC) and token encryption. Apple Pay may be the most widely accepted mobile payment solution. It only works with the iPhone 6 or newer. If you already have an iPhone 6, you can use the preinstalled Passport app and follow the on-screen instructions for adding a debit or credit card. How It Works Apple Pay and similar services use a process called “tokenization”…

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Beware These Utility Scams

Posted in Security/Scams
January 11th 2017 by
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Gas, electricity and water are not purchases you regularly think about. However, if someone calls to tell you your account is overdue and your service is about to be shut off, you’d probably be upset. You might do whatever they say to avoid the consequences. That’s exactly what scammers are counting on. The Department of Consumer Affairs has warned of a new scam targeting utility customers. A scammer will call and claim the potential victim is overdue on a utility bill. They will instruct the victim to go buy a prepaid debit card to prevent shut off of that service.…

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