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Scammers Targeting Those Waiting to Receive New Cards

Posted in Security/Scams
July 27th 2016 by
1 comment

Hackers are developing new and improved ways to steal your information to harm your identity and your bank account. Fortunately, technology is evolving as well. The new EMV chip credit and debit cards are designed to be more secure and prevent hackers from easily stealing your information.  But although the chip cards themselves are secure, be aware of scams that are surfacing if you are still waiting for your new card. Fraudulent Emails The Federal Trade Commission warns that scammers are impersonating card issuers by sending emails claiming that the person needs to update their account by clicking the link…

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Why You Should Check Your Child’s Credit Score

Posted in Security/Scams
June 21st 2016 by
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It is pretty obvious that we should all check our credit reports for fraudulent activity.  However, it is also a good idea to check your child’s credit report as well.  Sound strange?  Unfortunately, identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in our country, and it’s affecting all ages. Identity Theft and Children Before your children are even old enough to apply for a credit card or student loans, keep a close eye on their credit reports because they are still at risk for identity theft.  Identity thieves find targeting children to be ideal because they can get away with the…

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The Scary Reality about Hospital Security

Posted in Security/Scams
June 8th 2016 by
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If you have ever tried to see if a family member or friend is in the hospital, you’ve probably been stonewalled by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), enacted in 1996.  Even if you are only inquiring as to whether or not someone has been admitted to the hospital, you will not receive an answer in an effort to protect patient privacy. While HIPAA has proven to be effective against those checking up on sick family and friends, it hasn’t been effective in restricting hackers’ access to patient files. Besides potential health concerns, this can also lead to identity…

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Watch Out for Scams in Wake of Prince’s Death

Posted in Security/Scams
May 4th 2016 by
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In the wake of Prince’s death, scammers are trying to lure the unsuspecting public into scams to profit on the celebrity’s death.  If you are not aware of their tactics, you can easily become their next victim. What’s Happening? Quickly after Prince’s death, scammers began developing phishing emails and social media posts claiming to give people access to Prince’s last words on video.  These emails, posts,  and even text messages, were built to contain dangerous links and attachments that are similar to what was seen shortly after the death of Robin Williams. While there are a variety of different ways in which people can fall…

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Protecting Against Elder Abuse

March 28th 2016 by
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As elder fraud becomes more prevalent throughout our society, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued recommendations for financial institutions to protect their members. Financial exploitation is the illegal or improper use of a person’s funds, property or assets, and is the most prevalent form of elder abuse. This is because older consumers often have significant assets, equity for their homes and regular source of income like Social Security or a pension. They are also vulnerable to become a victim of elder abuse due to health and mental problems, isolation and cognitive decline. While many seniors admit that they have been a victim, few cases…

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