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How To Get A Summer Job: A Guide For Students Of All Ages

Posted in Young Adults
June 1st 2017 by
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Temperatures are rising, days are getting longer and kids are dying to get out of the classroom! This can only mean one thing: Summer is just around the bend. It’s time to start planning trips, summer camps, and summer jobs. Despite the fact that school won’t end in most places for another few months, it’s still a good time to start thinking about summer work. The timeframe for hiring can be as long as a month, so waiting until school is officially out isn’t a good idea. Not sure where to start? Try these four tips to jump start a…

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Top Banking Tips for Millennials

Posted in Young Adults
March 22nd 2017 by

Let’s face it: schools don’t do a great job preparing us for managing our finances.So when you’re out of college and start real life, it can be a little overwhelming. You may have student loan debt, new bills, and benefit options to navigate. Here’s your crash course on what you should do to set yourself up for financial wellness: Utilize Online Banking Apps Chances are your financial institution has an online banking app, and you need to download it ASAP. Chances are it will allow you to monitor your balance and transactions, transfer money, pay bills, and deposit checks. If…

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Boost Your Mobile Banking with These 5 Apps

March 2nd 2017 by
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Mobile banking can make life easier with convenient features like mobile check deposit. You can take your digital banking to the next level by downloading personal finance apps. Gone are the days of time-consuming planning and paper cluttering your desk! Level Money This app connects with your bank account and provides a suggested daily, weekly and monthly spending limit. The app bases its suggestion off of your income and recurring bills, and will incorporate a savings plan as well. LearnVest This app can act as your virtual checkbook. You can link all your accounts together to track spending and input…

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Finance for Couples: How Do You Achieve a Healthy Balance?

November 23rd 2016 by
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It’s no secret that finances are the ruin of many relationships. It’s a complicated subject for many couples, and it only gets more chaotic over time. Combining assets, discussing each other’s debts, figuring out how much to save and determining who is responsible for what are some of the issues you’ll need to work through. While money talks will probably always be serious, they don’t need to negative (and definitely should not be emotional). Here are some suggestions for navigating finances successfully together: Start a Joint Account For any shared expenses you have, it’s helpful to have a joint account…

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4 Tips for a Successful Interview

October 5th 2016 by
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A new job can be a smart financial move. Getting that new job can be stressful. If you’re looking to start a new job and have begun the application and interview process, there are few important things to know before you meet your potential employer. 1. Leave the Phone in the Car Many employers say one of the major reasons they do not accept an applicant is when the applicant checks or answers their phone during the interview.  Be sure to turn your phone off and put it away long before the interview begins, ideally before you even enter the…

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