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How to Make Homebuyers Fall in Love with Your House

Posted in Home Ownership
August 16th 2016 by
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If you’re thinking about selling your house within the next couple years, it helps to know what features homebuyers are looking for. While some things you can’t change, like the location, there are a number of ways you can improve your house prior to selling.

First, a quick note: be sure to calculate how much you think you’ll be able to get back on your upgrades. It helps to talk to a realtor to get an idea of how certain improvements will affect pricing and showing.

Update Your Kitchen

A modern and updated kitchen is at the top of the list of what homebuyers are looking for.  Updating to new appliances, countertops and flooring can give your kitchen a fresh look that will help raise the price of your home.

Create More Open Space

An open floor plan can help seal the deal for many buyers because of the flexible living space it provides.  Have a half wall somewhere? Knock it down to make it one big space. The value of your home can go up by 4 to 6 percent by increasing the amount of open floor space that you have.

Energy Efficiency

It is important to have updated plumbing, electricity, and HVAC system,s which are main  homebuyers will ask about.  Many more people are also looking for energy-efficient homes, including updated HVAC systems and water heaters, high-efficiency windows and high R-vales on insulation.

Paint & Cosmetic Updates

One of the cheapest ways you can update your house is by painting the high-traffic areas such as the bathrooms and kitchen.  Using high-quality paint and neutral colors can increase the home’s value by 1 to 2 percent.  You can also create a 3 to 5 percent boost by updating your outdoor areas, especially if it requires little upkeep.  Create a water-smart yard and make sure the exterior of your house and yard have curb appeal that will attract the potential buyers.

By spending a little now to improve your home, you may be able to make it up (and then some) when you sell your home!

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