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Need Help Financing Home Improvements This Spring?

Posted in Home Ownership
March 28th 2014 by
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Home ImprovementsWe’ve already seen some warmer days and snowy days are (hopefully) behind us, so you may be thinking about home improvements.

Whether you have repairs, upgrades or remodels to do, home improvements can come with a hefty bill.

Don’t write off your home improvement needs as a pipe dream! We have the perfect way to finance your projects: a home equity loan.

How a Home Equity Loan Works

A home equity loan uses your house as collateral to give you a check you can use right away. With a home equity loan at Aspire, you can expect:

  • Up to $250,000 loans
  • Low, fixed rates, making it perfect for one-time projects
  • Up to 15 years to repay the loan
  • Quick approval so you can get started soon

You can learn more here.

What Should You Do?

If you haven’t made a list of “to-dos” yet, here are some popular home improvement projects:

  • Update the roof
  • Fix doors
  • Clean and repair gutters
  • Fix any leaks
  • Make your home more energy-efficient (add insulation, install thermal windows, etc)

These are just some ideas; do whatever works for your home and needs.

Some Fringe Benefits

Did you know the interest on home equity loans used for home improvement projects can be tax deductible?

You can also get tax breaks for energy-efficient upgrades you make to your home.

Want To Get Started?

Apply for your loan today. You can call our consultants at 732-388-0477 or apply online here.

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