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$1,602,188 Back To Our Members

July 3rd 2014 by
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You might have heard how credit unions like Aspire FCU provide more financial benefits than the big banks, but you might not always see the numbers behind the facts.

Thanks to The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and the New Jersey Credit Union League, you can now. CUNA acts as the voice behind the credit union movement and provides resources for credit unions to share with the public. CUNA does many other things to help credit unions across the nation, but their recent Membership Benefits Report for Aspire FCU told a fantastic story.

The Numbers Say it All

Aspire FCU was able to provide $1,602,188 in direct financial benefits to members at the close of 2013. If you like averages, that translates to $69 per member or $131 per member household.

Since these numbers reflect averages across our entire membership base, it doesn’t take into account members who do very little financial business with us. When you adjust for only loyal, active members, the average is about $1,280 per member household.

How We Did It

Aspire FCU brings these benefits thanks to low loan rates and high dividend rates. Here are just some examples of how we stack up against New Jersey banks:

60-month new car loan:

Aspire: 1.99%

NJ banks: 4.64%

48-month used car loan:

Aspire: 2.99%

NJ banks: 4.94%

Classic credit card:

Aspire: 8.15%

NJ banks: 15.85%

Checking dividends:

Aspire: 1.51%

NJ banks: 0.16%

Mortgage closing costs:

Aspire: $0

NJ banks: $1,361

We’re looking forward to helping our members again this year. If you want to learn more about the credit union movement, this guide has valuable information.

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