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Has Your Google Account Been Compromised?

October 14th 2014 by
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In mid-September, over 5 million Google login and password combinations were said to be compromised due to a leak to a Russian cyber security internet forum.

Dashlane, a service that helps manage passwords, created a tool that allows you to check if your account was compromised:

Dashlane Tool

You can access the tool here.

If Your Login is on the List…

First, change your password immediately. If you use that password for any other accounts, make sure to change it there too.

Next, check your account for any suspicious activity. Are you missing messages? Are your friends complaining they received spam from you? Make sure to check your Sent folder for any emails you didn’t send.

Finally, enable 2-step verification. This setting changes the login process so that after you enter your password, you get sent a verification code to your phone via text, phone call or the Google mobile app.

If Your Login is Safe…

Even if you came out of this incident unscathed, you can still take the time to ensure you’re secure. The Google Security Checklist provides guidance, including details on the following:

  • Creating strong passwords
  • Using account recovery options
  • Tips for monitoring your account
  • Information about settings
  • Internet security
  • Browser updates

You can also read our full guide on protecting your personal information.
Personal Information Protection Guide

Check out the guide >>

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