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Road to Financial Wellness – June 4th!

May 28th 2015 by
1 comment

Phroogal, a financial education start-up based in nearby Elizabeth, NJ, is doing something pretty incredible. Founder Jason Vitug and his team are travelling to 30 locations in 30 days to spark conversations about personal finance through local grassroots initiatives.

During this 10,000 mile trip, they will share these financial conversations through daily blogs and social media posts. Here’s a map of the trip:

phroogal map

Jason founded Phroogal in 2013 and it now ranks as one of the Top 100 Personal Finance blogs.

We’re excited to announce that we will be sponsoring this event.

The Phroogal team will stop here on June 4th to interview some of our staff and talk about financial education.

We believe improving financial education among adults and teens is incredibly important. Statistics over the years have shown that, as a country, we’re failing in financial literacy. One survey showed that only 40% of Americans keep a budget, while another survey revealed that most people will fail a quiz on basic finances.

You can improve your financial education by:

  • Reading through the blog. We have a number of topics on money management, retirement, credit and more.
  • Browsing our social media networks. We share financial tips on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and SlideShare.
  • Checking out our recent article on helpful resources.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about the Road to Financial Wellness! To learn more, visit the Phroogal page.

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