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Is Your Salary Higher than Those of Historical Figures?

Posted in Jobs
August 10th 2016 by
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Have you ever wondered how much money historical figures would be making today compared to how much you make?  Some of these numbers may impress you!

A U.K. jobs site, Adzuna, researched salaries of famous scientists and then figured out what the 2016 equivalent might be.  Albert Einstein came out on top as the highest paid scientist as shown in the list below.  Einstein had suggested a $3,000 salary however, but his employer (Princeton University) did not want other scholars to be paid more than him.

Here are the scientists that Adzuna found a salary for along with a speculated 2016 equivalent, as well as what the scientists are famousfor:

  1. Albert Einstein (physicist who founded  law of relativity) — $177,641.53
  2. Alexander Fleming (discovered penicillin) — $147,841.35
  3. Marie Curie (discovered polonium and radium) —$47,955.68
  4. Rosalind Franklin (DNA research) — $37,045.85
  5. George Washington Carver (agricultural discoveries and inventions) — $29,333.46
  6. Michael Faraday (electromagnetic induction) — $28,160.88
  7. Edwin Hubble (extragalactic astronomy) — $21,107.98
  8. Isaac Newton (law of gravitation) — $14,987.05
  9. Caroline Herschel(discovered several comets) — $7,392.07
  10. Robert Hooke(law of elasticity, aka Hooke’s Law) — $4,496.12


According to Adzuna, one reason the salaries vary widely is because they are from different stages of each of the scientist’s careers.  Einstein was well-established when he began working at Princeton but Isaac Newton’s teaching salary preceded his theory on gravity by 20 years.

Adzuna allows users to research jobs and salaries throughout Britain by searching various websites along with using search filters and smart algorithms to display the data results.

How does your salary compare to those of these famous scientists?

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