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5 Unusual Ways To Use Cooking Spray

December 8th 2016 by
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Cooking spray is one of those grocery items that most everyone has in their pantry, but not many realize how versatile it is. Cooking spray can help with beauty care, cleaning and winter weather problems. Here’s what you can try:

Quickly Dry Nail Polish

Want to paint your nails and then head out the door? Or maybe you’re just tired of always chipping your newly painted nails? Spritz them with some cooking spray after you’re done polishing, wait a couple minutes, then rinse off the spray. As an added bonus, the spray helps your cuticles.

Remove Gum in Hair

If you have children, chances are you may run into the issue of gum in the hair. Instead of getting the scissors, and potentially a follow-up hair appointment to correct any damage, try cooking spray first. The slick spray can make the gum more easily slide out.

Remove Soap Scum

If you have soap residue and lime deposits in your sink or shower, let cooking spray sit on it for a few minutes before cleaning. The oil will break down the deposits and make it easier for you to wipe it clean.

Remove Paint

Washing paint from your hands can be tedious and time-consuming, but cooking spray can speed up the process. Simply spray your hands, then wash with soapy water as usual. Note that this works best with oil-based paint.

Prevent Car Doors from Freezing

Perhaps the most convenient use for cooking spray is to prevent battling iced-shut doors. If you spray the rubber seals around the door and then rub with a paper towel, you’ll save yourself from that headache. Doors freeze from water melting into the seals, and the oil prevents that from happening.

Share Your Tips

Do you know another use for cooking spray? Share with us and help our community save time and money!

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