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6 Tips To Maximize Your Time

August 20th 2015 by
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Feel like the day is too short?

Many of us have trouble with productivty. While having some distractions can actually make us more productive, we often times do not make use of the time we have. Learn how to maximize your time to relieve stress and potentially earn more money!

1. Set Realistic Goals

What absolutely needs to be done? Obviously those tasks take priority. But then you may have a long to-do list and no idea where to start.

Set goals that you can realistically meet. Try holding yourself accountable to follow through on everything you say you are going to do. If you complete those goals, you can always set more!

2. Use the “One-Touch Rule”

To discipline yourself even more, try using the “one-touch rule.” With this rule, you must make yourself complete a task you have started without letting distractions get in the way. After the task is finished, you can allow yourself to take advantage of a small distraction.

Why permit distractions? It has been found that wasting a little time at work can actually make you more productive.


3. Create a Ritual

Creating a ritual will allow you to prioritize your tasks and be more efficient. A way of doing this is putting your daily priorities in your calendar every morning, or setting a daily reminder. Make sure that you set aside a realistic amount of time for the tasks that need to be completed, and knock them out in an order that flows well. By doing this repeatedly, you will be able to turn that behavior into a habit.

4. Figure Out What You Can Do in 5 Minutes

When you find yourself with an extra five minutes, explore what you can get done within that time frame. Most people experience this time frame two or three times a day and usually spend it being distracted instead of using it to their advantage.

5. Make an Agenda for Meetings

If you call for a meeting, you better have a plan. Otherwise, you have meandering conversations that don’t accomplish much and take up way too much time.

Create an agenda and stick to it. If other topics come up, make a note of them and discuss them at some other point.

6. Keep Track of Your Day

Determine what takes up your wasted time and when. Keep a diary and note what you’re doing every hour. If you are spending time on social media or catching up with others, figure out slots in your day when those breaks make sense. You will then be able to finish your tasks more quickly and effectively.

Don’t waste anymore time when you could be profiting from it. Change some of your habits to see how much you can benefit.

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