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7 Surprising Uses for Cinnamon

December 8th 2015 by
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There’s a good chance you’ll have some cinnamon left over from the holiday season. It’s a staple in many holiday recipes, but you don’t want the extras to go to waste when everything is done.

Here are seven ways you can utilize cinnamon in your life.

1. Use it as a Grounding Technique

The smell of cinnamon can actually help you stay focused and present. If you’re struggling with concentrating at work or school, carry some with you to smell and give your brain a kick.

2. Create Natural Moth Repellent

A few cinnamon sticks combined with cloves and black peppercorns in your closet or drawers will help keep moths away.

3. Treat Acne and Other Blemishes

Cinnamon naturally has anti-fungal, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Mixed with a bit of honey, you can turn it into an ointment for acne, bug bites and other blemishes.

4. Freshen Your Breath

Got a date coming up? Or just want to cleanse your palate? Mix a small amount of cinnamon with water and gurgle to freshen things up.

5. Smooth Rough Feet

You can mix up a foot bath with cinnamon, milk, water, olive oil and lemons to help you get softer skin.

6. Get Healthy Hair

If you need to encourage hair growth and improve your scalp, mix cinnamon with some honey and leave in your hair for 20 minutes before rinsing out. It might be a sticky process, but it works.

7. Enjoy the Health Benefits

Cinnamon has been reported to:

  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Provide pain relief
  • Relieve colds
  • Aid digestion
  • Help weight loss

Mixing cinnamon with ginger tea, honey and other ingredients you use daily can allow you to have easy access to these benefits.

What Do You Suggest?

If you have any suggestions for using cinnamon, please leave them in the comments!

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