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9 Gifts That Last For Years

December 18th 2014 by
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Don’t know what to get someone on your list? Or are you looking for gifts that have long-term value?

Traditional gifts tend to have limited shelf lives. Food is a one-time enjoyment experience. Games, movies and books can be enjoyed multiple times, but interest tends to wane over time. Even electronics are usually upgraded every year or two.

Here are gifts that will stand the test of time:


The following are usually present in a good multi-tool: screwdrivers, needle-nose pliers, file, wire cutter, bottle opener, can opener and wire stripper. Sometimes you’ll even find more than these. This is an inexpensive gift that’s convenient for anyone to have.


You can get a cookbook covering just about anything: crock pot meals, soups, vegan recipes, desserts… there’s something for everyone. A good cookbook can be someone’s go-to meal guide for decades.

Cast-Iron Skillet

For the aspiring chef or casual house cook, a cast-iron skillet can make just about anything and be used on a grill or stove.

Water Bottle

Sounds silly, right? But carrying around a water bottle is healthy and convenient. Some even come with fancy features like a coconut filter.

Magnetic Wristband

Know someone who does a lot of do-it-yourself work around the house? A magnetic wristband can be used to keep small things like screws and bolts attached for easy access.

Savings Account or Share Certificate

Opening a savings account or share certificate for a young person can encourage good financial habits to start early!

Ergonomic Office Chair

More and more studies show how unhealthy it is to sit in a chair all day. For people with desk jobs, sometimes there isn’t much that can be done. A special chair can help make your loved one more comfortable during the day.


An oil painting or sculpture can easily become a family heirloom and last for generations. Although more expensive than most of the other ideas here, it can be a truly special gift.

Perennial Plant

If you know someone who likes nature and gardening, a perennial plant would be perfect for them. They can get enjoyment out of it for years, unlike a bouquet of flowers.

We Want to Hear From You!

What gifts do you give that last a long time?

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