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Are You Being Tricked into Paying More?

August 31st 2016 by
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Many times when you’ve spent more than you planned to it’s thanks to sneaky tactics used by many companies.  Your probably don’t even realize it’s happening until it’s too late.  Learn what tricks companies use to get as much money out of your pocket as possible.

Free Shipping

More and more people are taking advantage of online shopping, especially when free shipping is thrown in.  However, these offers usually come with a price tag. Typically, you have to spend a certain amount of money in order to get free shipping.  Many end up spending more money trying to get free shipping than if the shipping cost was just paid.  For instance, you may need to add another $15 to your $35 order to get free shipping instead of just paying the $5 for your original $35 offer.

Buying Multiple Items

Throughout the years, you can find various multiple purchase pricing sales.  Example: purchase 10 items and get the 11th item free.  It’s great that the prices are reduced, but in reality, you are probably purchasing 11 items when you only need 1.  Buy two get one free sales work the same way.


Bundled deals are becoming more popular, especially in the world of technology.  When searching for a laptop, you may also get a printer and office software which can be cheaper than buying each item separately.  Instead of paying $1200, you may be spending $900, thanks to the bundle.  However, if you do not need a printer or software, you are spending an extra $200 for things you don’t need.

Store-Wide Percentage Off

Even though a sale declares up to a certain percentage off, you will often find that most items are a significantly smaller percentage off.  And you will probably end up spending just as much money as if the sale was not going on because you will be tempted to buy more items at these “lower prices.”

The Power of the 9

Almost every price we see now has a 9 at the end.  Stores use psychological pricing tactics such as this to entice you to buy the item.  Seeing $19.99 instead of $20 often tricks customers into thinking the item doesn’t cost as much.  You may also see prices without dollar signs to trick you into forgetting you are actually spending money or even smaller font might be used to make the price seem insignificant.

Don’t fall for the costly tactics used by many companies.  Be aware of what is being offered to you so you can keep your money in your pocket!

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