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College Resources on Facebook!

September 15th 2011 by
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facebook-image_1Spend a majority of your day on Facebook? Make it worthwhile by visiting www.facebook.com/cuStudentLoans; you can get valuable information on student loans, career earning potential, rewarded for friend referrals ($50 per referred approval!), and much more!

At www.facebook.com/cuStudentLoans, you can interact with a financial aid expert, learn how to prepare for college, and take advantage of helpful planning tools, like the ‘My Salary’ app., all in one convenient location! Frequently added resources can handle the tough questions about college, including funding, refinancing, and pre- and post-planning of educational years.

If that last sentence struck a nerve, turn to Aspire; you’ll find aid and great service through our student loan consolidation program. You can refinance and consolidate as little as $7,500 or as much as $100,000 in undergraduate private student loan debt. You can even choose “Interest-Only Payments” for the first four years of repayment, and there’s quick approval once we receive your completed application. Visit www.cuStudentLoans.org/aspirefcu/#EdSucceed for more consolidation information.

These resources are here to help you achieve your dreams, because Aspire wouldn’t want an opportunity to pass you by due to lack of information or funding. Be sure to take advantage of all services and features these pages have to offer!

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