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Defensive Driving Saves Money

March 29th 2017 by
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It’s no secret that a car accident can cost you a lot of money. The easiest way to avoid this expenditure is to stay safe, and that’s what defensive driving is about.

Besides lowering your risk for an accident, defensive driving also helps you save gas mileage. And if you take an official course, you could even save on auto insurance.

Defensive Driving Basics

Being focused and alert is the key to defensive driving. This includes:

  • Avoiding distractions, especially phone use.
  • Looking ahead and being aware of your surroundings, including what other drivers are doing.
  • Monitoring speed.
  • Maintaining safe following distance.
  • Adjusting your driving according to weather conditions.

By doing all this, you’ll be able to drive smoothly. This means no sudden braking or accelerating, which is what will really help you save on gas.

It also helps to know your vehicle and its safety features. You may be able to set up warning notifications if you’re swaying out of your lane, or getting too close to another car. It’s never a good idea to rely solely on this technology, but it can be a huge help.

Defensive Driving Courses

There are courses you can take on defensive driving that my help lower your auto insurance bill. The courses often cover:

  • The dynamics of a crash – This includes the idea of the “first” collision (between the car and other car/object) and the “second” collision (what the driver/passenger can hit), and how it’s possible to reduce the force of impact in the second collision. It will also cover typical crash scenarios and how they can be avoided.
  • Psychological factors of driving – Stress and exhaustion make it harder to be a defensive driver, and can often lead to “road rage.” The course focuses on how you can be more self-aware and better handle these factors if you need to drive.
  • DUIs
  • State laws

Your safety, and the safety of your passengers, is what’s most important. The financial benefits are just a welcome side effect of this!

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