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Earn Money, Lose The Pounds

March 21st 2016 by
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Earn Money And Fitness Gain

Over the years, there have been a good number of fitness crazes that have pushed people toward the gym.  The latest and very popular weight loss and fitness tool is the Fitbit, with a tracker to count your steps, track your exercise and more.  Not only does it promote your physical well-being, it can also help your financial wellness as well.

The wireless activity tracker that you can wear like a watch and tracks the number of steps you take is surrounded by many stories of success.  The Fitbit and other activity trackers can help you gain gift points or cash through some stores and programs.  You can get rewarded for the healthy choices you make through Walgreens Balance Rewards where you can get 20 points per mile with your activity tracker by walking, running or biking.  Getting 5,000 points will get you your first $5 reward which can be used to take money off of future purchases.  You can sign up in-store or online and be sure to keep your Fitbit on you.

With the Pact app, you can either gain or lose money to other Pact members.  The app has users set an activity goal each week and pledge to pay a certain amount of money to other members if you do not reach your goal.  If you do reach your weekly goal, you will be paid money from other Pact members who have failed to reach their goal.  The app is available for iOS and Android and money that you are rewarded gets deposited into you PayPal account.

HealthyWage is a program in which you can make a personal weight loss bet.  Studies show that when there is a financial incentive, people are more likely to meet their weight loss goals.  HealthyWage allows you to join friends on a team weight loss challenge with prizes depending upon how much you bet, the amount of weight you want to lose, and the time in which you complete you goal.

You can also earn money for a charity you select by using your Fitbit.  The app, Charity Miles, allows you to earn up to 25 cents for every mile you walk or run to be donated to charity when the app is downloaded.

EveryMove works with company health insurance plans to offer gift cards or lower insurance premiums for employees who are committed to a fitness activity of their choice.  According to the company, 500,000 people and many employers are participating in the program that includes more than 71,000 Fitbit users.

As the weather gets warmer, strap on your Fitbit and gain money as you lose the pounds!

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