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Earning Money To Lose Weight

March 18th 2016 by
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Weight Loss

You don’t need to be a contestant on the “Biggest Loser” to get money for losing weight.  There are many programs available that are based on the concept in which you make a weight loss bet.

Research shows that when money is on the line, more people are motivated to meet their weight loss goals and do in fact reach those goals.  Each program is different but the premise is simple: you make a weight loss bet and if you reach your goal, you win money and if you don’t reach your goal, you lose money.  You may choose to take part in a weight loss bet with a team or individually, both with advantages and disadvantages.  In individual challenges, many programs will have users name their goals, along with their wages and length of time for the challenge.  After receiving the specific goals, the company can calculate possible prizes for each individual participant.

Signing up for an online weight loss program means you can stay home and carry out your weight loss goals, in contrast to those who take part in programs or shows such as the “Biggest Loser.”  However, taking part in a team program may give you the motivation and support you need that you may not find with an individual program.  Whether you prefer individual or team methods, both have shown to boost motivation to lose weight.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota found that 62% of dieters were prompted to lose weight when a financial incentive was involved.  On the flip side, only 26% lost weight when money was not involved.  The research proves that if there is a financial incentive, more people are motivated to lose the amount of weight they desire, instead of paying money for diet programs such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.

Currently, there are three popular programs that use this type of weight loss motivation.  In the HealthyWage program, participants can choose to sign up for a personal or team challenge in which what you win depends on three factors: how much weight you lose, the time period that is set and how much money you put up.

The StickK program works closely with users to help them achieve their goals.  The program helps users detail their goals and have participants sign a “commitment contract” to detail how each person will accomplish their goals.  A refusal to sign the contract results in forfeiting and the money you put up will go to a charity from their list that you will select.

DietBet also requires a serious commitment to the program even though games are played to help you meet your goal.  Along with your fellow dieters, the program helps you to laugh and have fun through your journey that can often times be difficult.

If you need that extra boost to shed the pounds, check out these programs and get money for what you lose!

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