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Financial Wellness in the Workplace

October 30th 2014 by
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What defines financial wellness? Experts say minimal financial stress, a strong foundation of savings and a plan for the future are all key indicators of financial fitness.

But most Americans are not financially fit. Medical expenses, credit card debt, child care and elder care costs all get in the way. In order to help employees get to a more stable financial state, some companies have held financial wellness workshops with great success.

Why Offer Financial Wellness Workshops?

Studies have shown that employees are less productive when they’re stressed. With financial stress being so common, offering assistance can increase productivity. Happy employees, happy employer.

This image from a Paycheck Direct article outlines the full benefits for the employee and employer:

Financial Wellness Workshops

A survey from the Society for Human Resource Management revealed that 72% of employees found financial education sessions to be very or somewhat effective.

Topics To Cover

Financial workshops need to have something for everyone. The most important topics include: retirement planning, medical and health care planning, investing, budgeting and credit restoration.

Workshops should not be treated as a one-off solution, but rather as a progressive series that keeps employees on track.

How Aspire Can Help

Aspire provides free financial workshops and education to our Select Employer Groups. Partnering with Aspire is completely free, and a great benefit to offer employees. If you are an employer, or you want to get more information for your employer, please contact us.

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